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We provide IT and ERP solutions.
WorldSources is a worldwide sourcing platform, suppliers can provide all products/services which they want to sell, buyers can post their idea/request/solutions which they want to have.
WorldOffices provide daily operations for all type of company, such as sourcing products, customer update, supplier records, customer inquiries, sales orders, invoice, packing list, purchase orders, cost of good sold, shipment status, etc.
Now online shopping will be fast and easy way for consumers to access. Investors do not need to invest much for retail shops and 7/24 opening.
Globalsys Global Positioning Container Tracking offering real time visibility anywhere on earth which significantly reduce operation costs. Containers in the remote places of the worlds oceans can be tracked in real time along with critical container data such as temperature and tamper reports.
Financial companies face a number of significant challenges including new payment channels such as mobile and internet; multi-currency and multi-product payment operations in many different countries.
The GlobalAgency Online Payment Gateway offers reliable PCI compliant multi-currency payment solutions and complete end-to-end online credit card processing solutions for e-Commerce, call center, mail-order and telephone order merchants, allowing them to easily accept credit cards online.
We provide a high level of total solution to logistics/forwarder/liner companies so as to enhance the competitive power, including Ocean Freight, Inland Trucking, Air Freight, Warehouse , Container consolidation Customs declaration and clearance.
To check the inventory status/selling items is now a headache for salesman/saleslady, we provide RFID auto resources auditing system so that salesman/saleslady does not need to check all product items sold and know the sales status/volume every day just by a click.
The ways in which the world generates and distributes power are changing fast. To help our customers adapt to the electrical industry’s changing business climate, GlobalSys has developed a host of next-generation intelligent metering, system and service solutions to optimize revenue generation, resource management, and customer engagement.
To manage blocks of property is not easy, such as management fee, expenses, construction fee, public fund spending, etc. we provide a total solution for property company to manage well their daily operations.
To provide real-time electronic financial data and analytics. We adopt a range of streaming financial data, interactive charting tools and comprehensive investment analytics, FinanceSys can provide a complete suite of information products covering equities, derivatives, global foreign exchange and precious metals markets.
iTotal is a total ERP solution that offers solutions to the Buyer, Seller and Manufacturer to help them to streamline their business processes across the end-to-end sourcing lifecycle - from product development to costing, from customer orders to production (BOM, MRP), from QA to QC, from shipping to warehouse, from order to payment, from cash flow to forecast. Adopting this system for your daily operation will greatly improve your efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in this fast-paced, modern world of business.
Virtual Offices –
In the business process, stand point of SMEs/MEs needs is similar to that of bigger company. However, they have faced several constraints which limit them to acquire traditional Client/Server based software, mainly due to financial and technical constraints.

GlobalSys has decided to combine the state of cloud computing technology together with years of experience in SME business software development to develop the next generation of ERP in SaaS (Software as a Service) model. GlobalSys strongly believes that SME will be the engine of future growth of global economy. However, unlike big companies, SME may not have the resources to deploy complex system like SAP or Oracle. Nevertheless, their requirements are more or less same to big company. Therefore, we hope WorldOffices can become the next Outlook or MS word for them. It is crucial and necessary to streamline SME's daily operation at affordable cost.

Currently, WorldOffices enables pre-configuring process of best practices of import/export trading companies. Without spending on IT infrastructure, smaller company can enjoy complete solution of a full scale management software like ERP which traditionally only available to large-scaled company. In addition to this, by using WorldOffices EAI/EDI interfaces, company can link with major global enterprises. This is the future trend of servicing millions of business around the world as a platform.

WorldOffices / Cloud Computing ?
Worldoffices is fully integrated management software operate in a SaaS platform that leverage the power of the cloud technology to provide complete solution for SME Trading Company.

Worldoffices enables preconfigured process of best practices of import/export trading company. Without the needs of IT infrastructure smaller company can enjoy the management software like ERP which traditionally only available to large scale company.
Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.

These services are broadly divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software- as-a-Service (SaaS).

Price and cost calculation, multi-profit margin, price based on costing/BOM analysis, simulation costing function, dual pricing for a single quotation, duplicate function for revising quotation, list of quotation history, and so on.

Proforma Invoice/Sales Confirmation
Automatic generation of P/I from multiple quotations or P/Os, agent commission invoice, payment term, multi-level price adjustment, description and side marking. Multi-unit enabled, changeable pre-set memo text, task report for order follow up and alert system, partial shipment schedule enabled, generation of MRP according to BOM for costing analysis, duplicate function for re-ordering, list of P/I history, online perview of profit & loss, etc.

Quotation Received
Price comparison report from different suppliers and linkup with the P/O, integration with the price Comparison Module to preview the supplier's quoted price of the subject product online.

Invoice & Packing List
Automatic generation of invoice from P/I, multiple proforma consolidation, partial invoicing, online checking of pending quantity, invoicing of sample order, over-and short-shipment enabled, remainder enabled for P/L, flexible price adjustment while invoicing, dual unit pricing in an invoice, online preview of invoice costing sheet, linkup with EDI to generate Trade Declaration Export Form and A/R module of iTrader Accounting System, and so on.

Purchase Order
Automatic generation of multiple P/O from P/I, generation of P/O of material according to MRP, split order, partial shipment enabled, task report for alert system, linkup with EDI to generate Trade Declaration Importt Form and with supplier D/N to check the outstanding quantity, list of P/O history, etc.

Supplier D/N
Linkup with Accounts Payable module iTrade Accounting System.

Professional Services
I- System Consultancy / Work Flow Study
In order to better understand your requirements, our system consultant will assist you to identify the needs of your organization.

II- System Implementation
WorldOffices uses a proven methodology named "WO Rollout" based on best practices from many industries.
Phase 1- Consultancy
WorldOffices consultant will go hand-in-hand with you to identify the needs of your office and provide the documentation that describes the scope of the project and a comprehensive project planning that will ensure a successful deployment of the system.
Phase 2- Customization
WorldOffices consultant and engineer will customize the system according to your requirements.
Phase 3 - Configuration
Before system goes live, WorldOffices consultant and engineer will use a proven successful checklist called "WO go-live checklist" to ensure all the tasks are completed before going live.
Phase 4 - Going-Live
Before going live, WorldOffices will ensure end-users receive sufficient training. WorldOffices will provide training in different ways to fit your need based on your job roles.
Phase 5 - Post-Sales-Services
All customers are automatically enrolled in WorldOffices Support program, so you can use our self-help resources any time and call with questions. You can call our hotline during office hour.
- Dedicated Technical Support Representative
- Dedicated Program Manager
- Customer service hotline
- Online support
- Online case response in 2 hours

III- Data Migration
Data migration is the most important activity determining the success of an ERP implementation. Effectively migrated data is a demonstration to the stakeholders that the ERP system is an accurate reflection of their current organization. Our standard way of performing data imports is to provide our customers with a set of pre-defined standard EXCELS import templates to be populated.

IV- User Training
WorldOffices Trainers offer a wide spectrum of training courses and formats, including classroom training at WorldOffices training locations.

Features and Benefits
Low Initial Cost

High Mobility / Soho Enable

Do not need IT team for maintenance

Reliability and Fault Tolerance by SAN backup

Centralized upgrade and easy deployment

Global Access from Home, Branch Offices, Factories or even Coffee Shop, etc

Protected by One-Time Password (OTP) to prevent from Hackers and Jobs Rotation

Paperless Operations

Electronic Approval Workflow

Reliability and Fault Tolerance

Share IT Resources Infrastructure

Centralize Information

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