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We provide IT and ERP solutions.
Network Solutions and Infrastructure
We provide IT infrastructure solutions, construction and maintenance/support.
The hardware capacity, hardware outdate, Virus, Spy ware, network unstable, no planning before setting up, lack of IT knowledge are the major problems of daily operation .
To ensure quality solution is provided, GlobalSys follows our professional service procedures during network and server design.
VPN is widely used by enterprises to create wide area networks (WANs) that span over large geographic areas, to provide site-to-site connections within branch offices and to allow mobile users to dial up to the LANs of their company.
Since each company has its own business process and operation procedure, we provide customized network and system solution accordingly so as to help your company to increase its competitive advantage.
Our solutions cover among File Sharing, Web Site, File Transfer, E-mail/Exchange, Database Server, etc. Our engineers are professional in setting up and configuring different types of servers.
A conference between two or more participants at different locations over the Internet or a private network, it saves your communication cost and travel expenses.
Voice-over-IP" (VoIP) technology enables real-time transmission of voice signals as packed data over "IP networks, it saves your IDD costs or Data/Voice Roaming costs.
You can monitor and record any location of your factories thru iWeb Cam.
In order to perform better management of human resources, door attendant system can be installed in the office to monitor the working time of the staff.
We provide professional webpage design to our customers, a lot of styles and functions can be selected to customize your web pages and hosted in our data center.
We offer premium managed hosting and co-location for your enterprise needs.
We provide system integration with your clients’ systems, to get more orders and less human errors.
Our Professional Technical Support Teams are committed to solve your requests by remote control/Team viewer, phone, email, online chat room or on-site support immediately.
If a network is down, the daily operation will be affected. We provide network maintenance and on-site support service.
Server Solution
Servers play a critical role in the information exchange flow of many companies. An appropriate server solution can improve your company’s productivity so as to expand quickly and easily. We have skilled and experienced consultancy team to help your company to choose the most appropriate server and provide the most suitable solution to your company. These include File Sharing, Web Site, File Transfer, Email, Database Server, etc. Our engineers are professional in setting up and configuring different types of servers.

Exchange Server
What is the Exchange Server?
Exchange Server, the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server. It is a software that runs on servers that enables you to send and receive e-mail and other forms of interactive communication through computer networks. It is designed to interoperate with a software client application such as Microsoft Outlook. It also interoperates with Outlook Express and other e-mail client applications.

Exchange Server

Client Access Functionality
Exchange Server offers you integrated collaborative messaging features such as scheduling, contact, and task management capabilities. Exchange Server 2003 runs on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server operating systems. Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 runs on Windows-based computers and communicates with the server running Exchange Server through the MAPI protocol that includes powerful messaging and rich collaboration capabilities. Exchange Server also accommodates other client access through its support for Post Office Protocol 3 and Internet Message Access Protocol 4 protocols as well as support for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol . Microsoft Outlook Web Access, a service in Exchange Server, accommodates what are known as thin clients .
Mobile Access Functionality
Exchange Server 2003 supports mobile devices such as Pocket PC and Smart phones. It enables you to synchronize your Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts and Tasks lists so that you can remotely check your appointments and other important information. Mobile device browsers are also supported through Exchange Outlook Mobile Access, which enables HTML, compressed HTML (CHTML), and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) browser–based devices to access Exchange Server.
Outlook Web Access

Outlook Web Access

Exchange Server with Firewall

Exchange Server with Firewall
- Security
Uphold the Exchange Email System security and privacy under monitor and control by Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
- Administration
Easy administration and convenience to change the security and policy along with Active Directory User list in Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.
- Usage
Enable to access mailbox from internet and able to read all email history through Microsoft Windows Terminal Service and Microsoft Outlook.
- Firewall:
Uphold Email System by higher security with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. For the Secured Email System, we strongly recommend to install Watch Guard Firewall to protect the system from hackers.
- Data Server:
For email data and higher system performance, we strongly recommend setup another data server for storage and backup.
- Domain Requirements
At least one Domain Name, Fixed IP is required to host the Exchange Email System.
- System Requirements
A Server with Microsoft Widows 2003 Server and Exchange Server 2003 Licenses is required.

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