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We provide IT and ERP solutions.
Network Solutions and Infrastructure
We provide IT infrastructure solutions, construction and maintenance/support.
The hardware capacity, hardware outdate, Virus, Spy ware, network unstable, no planning before setting up, lack of IT knowledge are the major problems of daily operation .
To ensure quality solution is provided, GlobalSys follows our professional service procedures during network and server design.
VPN is widely used by enterprises to create wide area networks (WANs) that span over large geographic areas, to provide site-to-site connections within branch offices and to allow mobile users to dial up to the LANs of their company.
Since each company has its own business process and operation procedure, we provide customized network and system solution accordingly so as to help your company to increase its competitive advantage.
Our solutions cover among File Sharing, Web Site, File Transfer, E-mail/Exchange, Database Server, etc. Our engineers are professional in setting up and configuring different types of servers.
A conference between two or more participants at different locations over the Internet or a private network, it saves your communication cost and travel expenses.
Voice-over-IP" (VoIP) technology enables real-time transmission of voice signals as packed data over "IP networks, it saves your IDD costs or Data/Voice Roaming costs.
You can monitor and record any location of your factories thru iWeb Cam.
In order to perform better management of human resources, door attendant system can be installed in the office to monitor the working time of the staff.
We provide professional webpage design to our customers, a lot of styles and functions can be selected to customize your web pages and hosted in our data center.
We offer premium managed hosting and co-location for your enterprise needs.
We provide system integration with your clients’ systems, to get more orders and less human errors.
Our Professional Technical Support Teams are committed to solve your requests by remote control/Team viewer, phone, email, online chat room or on-site support immediately.
If a network is down, the daily operation will be affected. We provide network maintenance and on-site support service.
VoIP – Voice Over IP
What is VOIP
Voice-over-IP" (VoIP) technology enables real-time transmission of voice signals as packed data over "IP networks" In VoIP systems, analog voice signals are digitized, compressed, packed and transmitted as a stream of packets over a digital data network. VoIP technology insures proper reconstruction of the voice signals, compensating for echoes made audible due to the end-to-end delay, for jitter, and for dropped packets. Furthermore, the bandwidth requirements are quite small that putting voice on the data network, the voice calls require only 20k to 64kbps of bandwidth, which is negligible when most LANs have between 10M to 100Mbps of bandwidth available.

Enterprises can reduce long distance call charges to 0 cents by converting voice into data and transmitting it through internet, by-pass expensive conventional telephone systems, bringing you benefits that were otherwise impossible.

No matter how many offices or overseas partners you have, all your locations can interact completely over your IP based networks. Through VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), it virtually eliminates long distance charges, all cost is already included within your fixed monthly charges of the broadband service, you can place phone calls anywhere around the world. To transfer a call, you simply dial an extension, similar to intercom within your local office, so as to bring offices closer together, increase productivity and competitiveness in the new century.

In addition to cost savings, there are also several other incentives:
• connectable to the less expensive DDNS (dynamic IP) service,
• Real time, Interactive
• Increase mobility
• Simpler network management
• Speech-to-text and text-to-speech capability
• Time zone flexibility
VoIP Products
Make calls through Internet now is an ideal way to ease your phone fee for your international business. There are different products that bring your voice over the internet easily and efficiently, such as H.323, H.450 and SIP standard protocol stack, also the most popular CODEC, G.711, G.723, G.726 and G.729.
- VoIP Gateways are devices deployed between a PBX and WAN access device (router) to provide call set-up, call routing and to convert voice into IP packets. They aggregate incoming VoIP traffic and route the traffic accordingly, as providing the bridge between the local PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and the IP network for both the originating and terminating sides of a call.
- VoIP Routers are standard routers with voice cards that perform packetization and compression. The router then directs the packets to their ultimate destination.
- VoIP Softwares Firmware supplied with the products.


The key benefit for installing the VoIP to your environments are you can make calls to your overseas customers and overseas branches that always need lots of telephone fee.
The Voice Gateway supports the following applications:
- Company to Company
Make calls / Fax all through Internet (not through local PSTN). It is suitable for companies with lots of oversea branches.
- Company to local PSTN
It is suitable for companies that provide International Calls. With the Voice Gateway connect to local PSTN, you can provide your staff abroad to make calls home in the same way that they are living in the local office.
- Calls to your relatives or friends
The 2/4-port models with support for DDNS now offer the cost effective way to make calls to your friends/ relatives with just a pair of the VoIP box through your already existed Internet path like ADSL or Cable.


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