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We provide IT and ERP solutions.
Network Solutions and Infrastructure
We provide IT infrastructure solutions, construction and maintenance/support.
The hardware capacity, hardware outdate, Virus, Spy ware, network unstable, no planning before setting up, lack of IT knowledge are the major problems of daily operation .
To ensure quality solution is provided, GlobalSys follows our professional service procedures during network and server design.
VPN is widely used by enterprises to create wide area networks (WANs) that span over large geographic areas, to provide site-to-site connections within branch offices and to allow mobile users to dial up to the LANs of their company.
Since each company has its own business process and operation procedure, we provide customized network and system solution accordingly so as to help your company to increase its competitive advantage.
Our solutions cover among File Sharing, Web Site, File Transfer, E-mail/Exchange, Database Server, etc. Our engineers are professional in setting up and configuring different types of servers.
A conference between two or more participants at different locations over the Internet or a private network, it saves your communication cost and travel expenses.
Voice-over-IP" (VoIP) technology enables real-time transmission of voice signals as packed data over "IP networks, it saves your IDD costs or Data/Voice Roaming costs.
You can monitor and record any location of your factories thru iWeb Cam.
In order to perform better management of human resources, door attendant system can be installed in the office to monitor the working time of the staff.
We provide professional webpage design to our customers, a lot of styles and functions can be selected to customize your web pages and hosted in our data center.
We offer premium managed hosting and co-location for your enterprise needs.
We provide system integration with your clients’ systems, to get more orders and less human errors.
Our Professional Technical Support Teams are committed to solve your requests by remote control/Team viewer, phone, email, online chat room or on-site support immediately.
If a network is down, the daily operation will be affected. We provide network maintenance and on-site support service.
iWeb Cam
What is Digital CCTV
CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a visual surveillance technology designed for monitoring a variety of environments and activities. Digital CCTV systems typically involve a fixed (or "dedicated") communication link between cameras and monitors.

Currently, the majority of CCTV systems use Digital technology. Digital CCTV Surveillance uses current PC technology to digitize the CCTV camera images and compress them into a PC friendly format. These digital images can then be stored on a PC's Hard Disk. As the digital cctv images are stored on a Hard Drive of computers, it is possible to save digital cctv footage and access it quickly and easily. Digital CCTV also has the advantage over Analogue CCTV systems that the image is with a far higher resolution.

iWeb Cam

Digital Video Recorders
Digital CCTV Video Recorders (DVR's), are stand-alone units that are capable of saving digital CCTV images to a PC. DVR's look similar to standard Video Cassette Recorders (VCR's).

CCTV Cameras are connected to the back of the unit via standard CCTV Camera connection referred to as BNC. By connecting a CCTV Monitor or standard Television to the DVR, you are able to view your CCTV Cameras in different screen divisions (single camera, 2x2,3x3 etc) and also playback footage at the touch of a button.

Some DVR's can have built in Motion Detection Technology. This means that digital footage is only recorded when someone or something walks in front of your CCTV Camera.

It is also possible that some DVR's to view your cameras remotely via an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line).

PC Based Digital Video Surveillance Capture Cards
PC Based Digital CCTV Surveillance systems are a new technology in the CCTV Industry. This type of Digital CCTV system works in two stages. You can then install the digital cctv surveillance card and software on to your PC.

This Software (or program) will allow you to view your Digital CCTV Cameras, search through previously recorded footage, backup footage to CD/DVD, control PTZ Cameras either on the PC system or remotely and some others.

Operation GUI
Administrator can control the terminal cameras remotely. Users can monitor the factories or conduct a meeting anywhere. Users can login as different groups so that level of security and control can be setup.

Through the operation GUI, user can select different views for different cameras. They can zoom-in and zoom-out to fulfill different needs. The screen can display more than one view at the same time for higher efficiency.

iWeb Cam

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