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We provide IT and ERP solutions.
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iTrader iTrader - Order Processing Systems
Customer Inquiries, Photo Offer/Quotation, Sales Confirmation/Sales Contract (SC), Proforma Invoice (PI), Purchase Order (PO), Invoice, Packing List, Debit Note, Credit Note, Shipping documents, Bills/Credits, Sample, Bar Code, Forecast Order, QC/QA, etc.
iGarment iGarment - Garment & Apparel System
Specially designed for Garment, Textile, Shoes, Bags and Accessories Industry, functions included - Show Room, Sample, Color and Size management, BOM (bill of material) and costing sheet, Order Processing such as Quotation, Sales Order /Proforma Invoice/Sales Confirmation (PI/SC), Purchase Order (PO), Invoice and Packing List, Material requisition planning (MRP), Production Order and Production monitoring with WIP (work-in-process), etc.
iManufactory iManufactory - Manufacturing Systems
Order Processing System, Manufacturing Order, Job Order, BOM, MRP, CRP, Production Plan, Inventory Control, Production Payroll, etc.
Customer Leger, Supplier Leger, General Leger, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, T/B, Cash Flow, Cash Forecast, AR Aging, AP Aging, etc.
iAnalyzer - Analysis System and Business Intelligence (BI) for CEO
Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Shipment Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Forecast Analysis, Stock level analysis, Business Analysis, etc.
The web portal for Vendor, Buyer, QC company and Marketing Company with O2O (Online to Offline) integration.
To automatically remind factory thru e-mail/SMS for shipment, customer for payment, warehouse for reorder level, colleagues for order follow-up, etc.
iShop - For retail and distributors
POS system for salesperson to enquire the price, stock, daily sales, membership management, etc.
EDI Link - Link with global buyers
Link with your global buyers/vendors such as Target, Wal-Mart, Wool worths, JC Penny, Best Buy, etc.
EAI Link - Link with business partners
Link with SAP system and the systems for Carrefour, BCBG group or your business partners, etc. Sourcing Link
i-Total can synchronize product catalogue to our b2b platform with no additional manual work so as to get more enquiries. The entire process is nearly effortless. More than three million premium global buyers and suppliers actively engaged in platform and the number is still growing.
HRM - Human Resources Management
To provide employee management and the related payroll management.
To handle internal and client product/project development, centralize internal/external communication, upload and share files, etc.
CRM - Business Activities Monitoring
For any business activity, which are related to customers namely, marketing, sales, customer service and field support, sales analysis, etc.
iDocLink - Document Management
Users can attach documents from any file types such as PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, E-mail Message, Photos, Video and scanned paper documents. Easily to search all related documents by using document ID, Product ID, Voucher Number, File Name, Date or User.
iWorkFlow - Workflow/Approval
To accelerates your business process adaptability with fluid workflow automation and exclusive iWorkflow features which allows administrator easily design, implement, monitor and execute workflow for various business processes.
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iFinance – Finance and Accounting System
iFinance Accounting System, which is designed as consistent and fully audited interface enables multi-company, multi-currency, & non-closing concept. It is flexible to match unique business requirements in the region. It also has the capability to analyze complex financial status to facilitate management decision. The accounting system provides all the functions you need for your accounting operation. Based on the invoice type, an Account Receivable/Account Payable is generated. When a payment is received/paid, users can enter the corresponding information to the journal voucher. Then the information is posted to general ledger.
Besides the basic flow of accounting, a lot of functions are supported for users to enquire the corresponding accounting information:
Chart of Account: Show the detail information of all accounts built in the company
Bank Reconcile: Show all the transactions against banks
Consolidation: Show the brief information of all accounts of all companies

To avoid too many online processing, a batch posting is supported for users to post all the accounting entries. Moreover, a rebuild balance function is supported for users to rebuild the account balance in case of problems encountered during processing.

A ledger control function is supported for users to define the ways ledgers are kept to cater for the different practices for different companies.

If users use both Order Processing System and Accounting System, the invoice prepared in the Order Processing System can be transferred to Accounting System for further processing.
It allows users to create/process a new sales invoice. Users can enquire on the shipping schedule and the outstanding amounts in the invoice.
A/R Bridge
It allows users to post the amount receivable from invoices to account receivable in the accounting system.
Account Receivable
It allows users to enquire on/add all the account receivables for the company.
Cash Receipt/Cash Payment
It allows users to produce the cash receipt when invoices are received or cash payment when payments are paid to suppliers.
Supplier Invoice/Good Receive Note/Production Finish Slip
It allows users to create/process supplier invoice based on supplier delivery note(GRN). Users can enquire on the items related in the invoice.
A/P Bridge
It allows users to post the amount payable from supplier D/N to account payable in the accounting system.
It allows users to enquire on/add all the account payables for the company.
Journal Entry
It records each transaction of every account such as account receivable, account payable, cash receipt/payment or other Journal Transactions.
General Ledger
If journal is posted, it will be transferred to General Ledger. At the same time, the value of transaction is added to the chart of account according to the period of transaction.
Cash Flow Forecast
Management team can predict the cash in/cash out flow and cash requirement as to determine the financial risk. Cash prediction is different from conventional accounting package which consider order processing information such as outstanding P/I, P/O, Supplier Invoice and Sales Invoice with different payment terms and cycle. Which give management highly realistic picture of future cash requirement in different time period such as 7 days, 14 days, 30 days 60 days etc.

iFinance can fingertip major reports provided include Account Receivable, Account Payable, Ledger Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Trial Balance etc with security setting this module can set to be only accessible to authorized personnel such as accountant, financial controller and top management etc.
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